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There is a lack of professional training in today’s automotive retail industry. The training that dealership salespeople and managers may receive is often focused on vehicle information and sales techniques. Very few dealerships offer truly comprehensive auto compliance training to their employees.

A lack of compliance training can be a costly mistake. You don’t have to look very far to find many examples of dealerships suffering huge consequences from compliance mistakes. Regulators are aggressive in enforcing auto compliance laws, and sometimes even minor violations can result in major fines and even criminal penalties. Your dealership can’t afford to have a staff untrained in compliance.

Many dealers also fail to realise the complex and stringent nature of automotive regulations. Are you sure your dealership is compliant? Could you pass a compliance audit from a proactive regulator? In our experience, the answer for most dealers is a resounding no.


Key features

  • We focus on training car dealers and employees on the most important compliance issues they’ll face
  • We offer a compliance certification that proves your employees are educated in all areas of automotive compliance
  • We understand that dealerships are busy and that compliance is just one of many challenges to address each day
  • Don’t wait until your dealership faces a compliance problem to get educated!


It’s one thing to learn why the compliance components are important, it is another thing to figure out how to execute the paperwork in a compliant fashion

Continuous education is a crucial component to ongoing compliance

Separate, focused curricula for everyone who contributes to a dealership’s compliance initiative, from the Sales Person and Billing Clerk to the F&I and Sales Manager

We put in place a process which outlines the steps a business must take to accomplish its Compliance objective. These components include conducting a risk assessment, developing policies and procedures, provide training and conduct periodic audits.


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