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Risk Management Solutions by Peak Consultants

Are New Risks Really New?

The world is undergoing a pace of change unlike anything that we’ve experienced in history. Most of that change is technological, but the technology is driving cultural change as well. Not much more than 100 years ago news could take months or years to reach people far from the event, it now takes only seconds. […]

Climate Change Consultancy by Peak Consultants

FCA moves to force firms to disclose climate risk management

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed measures that would force financial services firms to publicly disclose how they manage climate risk, as the regulator takes steps to limit the sector’s contribution to the “disruptive and potentially irreversible threat to the planet” of climate change. In a consultation paper published on Monday (15 October), the […]

Consumer Credit

FCA cancels Consumer Credit Permissions

Since January this year, 38 motor dealers have received final notices that have been published on the Financial Conduct Authority website and have had their consumer credit permissions cancelled. In only the past 6 weeks, there has been at least 1 case per week, accounting for 8 motor dealers losing their permissions to offer finance […]

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