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What is Compliance?

We focus on upholding policies and procedures 

Compliance is a critical aspect of business operations today, particularly in regulated industries such as automotive, finance, healthcare, and food production. It refers to the adherence to rules, regulations, laws, and standards set by regulatory bodies (such as the FCA), industry associations, or internal policies and procedures. Being compliant ensures that a business operates ethically, legally, and responsibly, avoiding any potential harm to customers, employees, or the environment.

Failure to comply with regulations and standards can lead to significant consequences, such as legal liabilities, financial penalties, reputational damage, loss of business opportunities, and even criminal charges.

Peak Consultants work with Businesses to make sure that they comply with FCA rules and demonstrate their commitment to ethical and responsible practices, building trust and confidence with their stakeholders.

Automotive Compliance and Risk Management

Our Key Specialisms

Our team of experts have been supporting main dealer franchises across the country since 2004 by providing compliance and L&D services to assist with staff, procedural and legislative compliance. Working in partnership with our motor dealership clients, Peak Consultants provide consultancy services and deliverables that solve regulatory and compliance issues and resolve your problems.

From conducting business reviews and providing staff training, to dealing with complex complaints, we can assist with identifying and accurately quantifying risk within your business, helping to mitigate and remove it wherever possible thus giving you peace of mind and a trusted, professional team to rely on.

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Compliance Consultancy

Compliance Consultancy


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Finance and Insurance Compliance

Why choose Peak Consultants for Motor Vehicle Compliance

Ensuring Peace of Mind

With over 20 years' experience and a long track record of success supporting and advising clients about their regulatory obligations and dealings with the FCA, Peak works across a range of regulated business which include automotive and finance.

Our services range from helping companies improve performance, embed their strategy into their everyday work, to making sure what they do complies with the regulations.

When we tell you something you can rely on what we have said. If we are not sure, we won't say it!

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