The Peak Consultants Process

How we work together; what we do

Stage 1 - Discovery

Before we do anything we need to understand you and your business. We want to understand the issues and challenges you are facing and what steps you have taken to improve matters.
Unfortunately, on rare occasions we may need to act quickly, this can happen if the regulator requires information within very limited timescales, when this happens it is important to comply with their request. On these occasions we are able to support you at each step, if you think you will need us please call us as soon as possible.

Stage 2 - Analysis

At this stage we will review, consider and analyse the facts and information we have collected. We are able to use our Experience and share our knowledge to identify and prioritise the most significant risks or to take maximum advantage of the greatest opportunities. You can rest assured in any event that we will keep you fully informed.

Stage 3 - Report

 Reporting our findings clearly and concisely is important, the majority of our clients prefer this feedback to be given in a face to face meeting. We will give you all of the detail you need, meeting in this way allows you to seek clarification and if appropriate the opportunity to challenge our findings.

Stage 4 - Planning

It is important that our team, you and your senior management agree next steps in planning how the agreed interventions are going to be rolled out to your team. Obviously this will will depend on the type of activity required, the logistics and the available resources, again we are able to bring our experience and expertise. However we recognise you know your business and more importantly your people better than any outsider...even us!

Stage 5 - Implementation

Irrespective of the scale of the project we need to discuss progress and investigate any challenges, these early stages provide a fantastic opportunity to learn and adapt to improve the results, typically a conference call is the most effective way of keeping everyone up to speed.

Stage 6 - Ongoing

The majority of our clients see the benefit of establishing an ongoing relationship, they find having a point of contact is very reassuring, knowing that we will keep them advised of regulatory changes and trends a comfort, we read every relevant consultation paper and policy statement, that means you don’t have to.

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