Ensuring a thorough understanding of motor finance products

The Brief

Our client, a motor dealership using our web-based dealer showroom system, recognised the importance of ensuring that their staff had a thorough understanding of motor finance products and the rules and regulations governing their sale. They sought our assistance in partnering with a reputable third-party association to provide comprehensive motor finance learning opportunities for their staff at all levels. Our marketing and compliance expertise came into play as we facilitated the integration between our system and the association’s learning program, creating a seamless and efficient learning experience for dealership staff.

What we did

In response, our learning and development team closely collaborated with the third-party association to align our Training and Competency (T&C) Exams with their motor finance training program. We established seamless processes to log staff training completion and effectively communicate this information to our clients and their motor finance funding partners. This integration ensured consistency in knowledge evaluation and compliance with industry standards. By working closely with the association, we enabled motor dealerships to provide comprehensive motor finance education, track staff training progress, and demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the industry.

The outcome

As a result of the integration, motor dealerships benefited from comprehensive staff training, simplified learning processes, and enhanced compliance. The seamless access to the third-party association’s motor finance training program within our web-based dealer showroom system equipped staff with in-depth knowledge. The simplified process eliminated the need for separate platforms, streamlining the learning experience. Alignment of exams ensured a smooth journey

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