Overhaul of dealership sales process saves time & ensures compliance

The Brief

A motor dealership recognised the need to overhaul their sales processes, particularly when it came to offering and selling insurance products like GAP, Cosmetic Repair, Tyre & Alloy Wheel Repair, and Warranty. Ensuring compliance with regulations, especially in the wake of the new Consumer Duty while seamlessly integrating these products into their sales workflow posed a significant challenge. The client sought our expertise to leverage our web-based dealer showroom system, renowned for its compliance features, to streamline their sales operations and ensure good outcomes for their customers.

What we did

In response to the client’s brief, our onboarding team collaborated closely to gather essential information for setting up their team within our system. We conducted thorough training, ensuring all employees, particularly the sales team, were proficient in using our system, processes, and reporting tools. Additionally, we provided access to our L&D Centre’s eLearning library and SAF Approved revision modules and exams. This comprehensive approach aimed to empower their staff with the knowledge and skills needed for efficient system use, compliance, and ongoing professional development, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and performance.

The outcome

Our comprehensive onboarding and training support delivered substantial benefits to the client. Efficient team integration reduced learning curves, leading to streamlined operations. Access to SAF Approved materials enhanced compliance knowledge, mitigating regulatory risks. Improved productivity resulted from our thorough training and eLearning resources, empowering employees to use the system effectively.

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