Motor dealership integrates our web-based showroom system

The Brief

Our client, a motor dealership, approached us with a specific requirement to integrate our web-based dealer showroom system with a third-party cloud-based deal file storage provider. The client was relying on our system to generate statements of demands and needs for their customers along with insurance policies, maintenance plans schedules, and other relevant documents for their customers but faced the challenge of having to manually save or print and then upload the generated documentation into their new storage software. This laborious process hindered their transition to a fully digital workflow and impeded efficiency gains. Our marketing expertise was sought to address this issue and provide a seamless integration solution.

What we did

In response to the brief, our technical team closely collaborated with the firm’s internal compliance team, stakeholders, and the cloud-based software provider. Utilizing APIs, we achieved seamless integration between our systems, eliminating manual steps. This streamlined the document management process, saving time and effort. Rigorous testing ensured data integrity. By leveraging our technical expertise and engaging stakeholders, we created a secure and efficient integration, enhancing operational efficiency. The decision to use APIs enabled real-time data transfer and a smooth transition to a digital workflow.

The outcome

As a result of the integration, the motor dealership experienced streamlined document management, improved efficiency, and cost savings. The elimination of manual steps saved time and enhanced productivity. The dealership benefited from reduced costs associated with paper usage and administrative overhead.

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