Ensuring safety & compliance

with your insurance products

Clients of Peak Consultants

Peak work locally, nationally and internationally

Peak Consultants have worked with many different types of Firms, including Banks, Insurance Companies and Stock brokers as well as organisations which are associated with the Motor Trade.

Working with Dealer Groups from Cornwall to Scotland; from single sites franchise operations to multi franchise multi-site businesses, each client will have different requirements.

We always take time to explain to new and existing clients that we are not interested in a quick win. Our aim is to bring value to the compliance process.

We have worked with some of the clients below for 15 years, and have developed a strong and close relationship allowing us to understand the business and the people. If you want to speak to someone to get an independent view please let us know.

Insurance Compliance, FCA

Case Studies

How Peak Consultants have helped clients achieve their goals with our expert compliance consultancy

Why choose Peak Consultants for Motor Vehicle Compliance

Ensuring Peace of Mind

With over 20 years' experience and a long track record of success supporting and advising clients about their regulatory obligations and dealings with the FCA, Peak works across a range of regulated business which include automotive and finance.

Our services range from helping companies improve performance, embed their strategy into their everyday work, to making sure what they do complies with the regulations.

When we tell you something you can rely on what we have said. If we are not sure, we won't say it!

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